Die Letzte Agonie

“We cannot look into the sun for long, and we cannot always face death.”

Uncertainty before darkness, fear of death and loss of thought. Have you ever dealt with your own death? Everyday life makes us forget, but everyone will die. A depressing concept album based on Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’ five dying phases.

Released: August 4, 2018


Composing & lyrics – David “Arkas” Theobald

Vocals – René Baron
Guitar – David “Arkas” Theobald
Guitar – Timo Gütermann
Bass – Max Roth
Drums – Simon Hauck

Arkuum creates a deep atmosphere and a unique sound pattern. The distinctive sound of a massive guitar riff causes a depressing sentiment and fascinate the hearer. The emotional deepness of the instrumental accompaniment provides a catchy way of expression, supported by oppressive screams.

The solo project Arkuum was founded on 2013 by David. Arkuum orientates itself to Atmospheric- / Post Black Metal, thus it combines a lot of different stylistic influences like Blackgaze, Black Metal, Post Metal and Ambient. But it’s mainly about music as an art without frontiers, which makes the genre label simply a representation on the surface. The musical arrangement does not predefine itself, it rather tries to break limits to impart Arkuum it’s very own sound.

The first album “Trostlos” (Eng.: dreary, desolate, hopeless) was released independently at 21. August 2015. Denny, vocalist of the band “Zeugen der Leere”, provides the album “Trostlos” the final touch with his concise screams and a few clean passages.

In the spring of 2016 David was looking for some live musician to set up a live band, which will offer a incredible sound experience on stage. With the current album and a lot of new material from the upcoming album they enter the stage to create a unique and dramatic atmosphere, which will be an experience you must not miss.

After the first release it should still take three years until the next album release. Heavy gravity with a colossal atmosphere, more blast beats but harmoniously depressing. Each track has its very own and individual mood, thematically matching the corresponding dying phase.



David Theobald