Composing & lyrics – David “Arkas” Theobald

Vocals – René Baron
Guitar – David “Arkas” Theobald
Guitar – Timo Gütermann
Bass – Max Roth
Drums – Simon Hauck

Arkuum creates a deep atmosphere and a unique sound pattern. The distinctive sound of a massive guitar riff causes a depressing sentiment and fascinate the hearer. The emotional deepness of the instrumental accompaniment provides a catchy way of expression, supported by oppressive screams.

The solo project Arkuum was founded on 2013 by David. Arkuum orientates itself to Atmospheric- / Post Black Metal, thus it combines a lot of different stylistic influences like Blackgaze, Black Metal, Post Metal and Ambient. But it’s mainly about music as an art without frontiers, which makes the genre label simply a representation on the surface. The musical arrangement does not predefine itself, it rather tries to break limits to impart Arkuum it’s very own sound.

The first album “Trostlos” (Eng.: dreary, desolate, hopeless) was released independently at 21. August 2015. Denny, vocalist of the band “Zeugen der Leere”, provides the album “Trostlos” the final touch with his concise screams and a few clean passages.

In the spring of 2016 David was looking for some live musician to set up a live band, which will offer a incredible sound experience on stage. With the current album and a lot of new material from the upcoming album they enter the stage to create a unique and dramatic atmosphere, which will be an experience you must not miss.