Festival tomorrow & new material on Facebook

Tomorrow we have the opening slot on Sturmnacht II – Festival in Bolheim (Ger), so make sure you are there early enough to see our first show, especially if you won’t miss the two new songs on our setlist.

16:00 – 17:00 Festival inlet & Happy Hour
17:00 – 17:40 Arkuum
18:10 – 18:50 Mornir
19:20 – 20:05 Final Faith
20:30 – 21:15 Ravenpath
21:45 – 22:30 Fylgja
23:00 – 00:00 Parasite Inc.
00:00 – Sturmnacht II – Metal Maniacs Aftershow Party



First confirmed concert

Awesome news for all German fans!

I was looking for some musician to set up a complete band, which will offer a incredible sound experience on stage. With the current album and a lot of new material from the upcoming album we will enter the stage now, to create a unique and dramatic atmosphere, which will be an experience you must not miss.

The first confirmed concert on which we will play is called “Sturmnacht”.
But don’t worry, there will be much more concerts in future.

Facebook Event

Sturmnach II 2016


If you like to support Arkuum, visit the shop for some merch. There are still some shirts & girlies, but only a few CDs left in stock.


Top 10 on Brutalism

Top 10 Album 2015 on Brutalism.com

“Trostlos is a dark yet beautiful album. It’s black metal but it’s full of atmosphere and melody after a few listens I was waking up with certain sections stuck in my head for ages.” Many thanks Brutalism!