Online Store

The store is open and the album pre-order has started today. The album will be released at the beginning of August 2015 and I will send all ordered albums as soon as possible. Moreover I also decided to upload a digital version as well on the official release day.

Release is coming closer

I will release 150 limited cds in a beautiful, 6 sided digipak. The design of the whole digipak is really awesome and we put a lot of effort into the artwork. Moreover there will be a very small edition of 5 tapes.

Thanks to all friends who support arkuum for free and make this possible for me. This is also a reason why I can offer the digipak so cheap for you. The digipak will cost between 5€ and 7€.

In the next few weeks I will order the digipak – release is coming closer

Album-Release soon!

All recordings are finally finished and the album will be mixed and mastered. As a foretaste you can listen to 2 pre-productions, at the moment without vocals, on Soundcloud.

Post Black Metal from Germany

I founded Arkuum at the beginning of 2013 with the aim of creating an unique mix of melancholic sounds and transiency topics. The musical style is described as Post Black Metal including atmospheric, ambient and clean elements. Making music for Akuum is my passion, by which I try to share my thoughts with you.

Hope you enjoy it